Beneficial Economics (Benecon) is an occasional publication that identifies advances in contributions to economics that are believed to have the potential to contribute to a beneficial practical applications in policy and economic activities.

Where no significant advances are apparent the publication is not issued.

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British Strategic Review

Sometimes past propositions become relevant as a result of additional information or as a result of changes in technology and techniques applied to goods, information and financial management. Evidence and logical argment disproving standard economic narratives are also considered to be beneficial where this opens up vistas for more effective economic management.


We are pleased to announce that, the publication "Monetarism & The Real Economy" has now been published as the 2022 edition of the British Strategic Review" and as a result of sponsorship by the George Boole Foundation (London) this is now freely distributed. To download a free copy in zipped formats EPUB or PDF click on the appropriate in box on right.

Because of the current international cost of living crisis, the George Boole Foundation has sponsored a Special Edition of the British Strategic Review which is freely distributed. The Nevit Turk review considers this publication to be a proposal for a fundamental change in macroeconomic policy. This document can be accessed here: "Monetarism and The Cost of Living".

Note 6. From British Strategic Review Special Edition: "The constitutional crisis created by monetary policy"

Note 5. From British Strategic Review Special Edition: "Sustainaing growth in real wages by investing in results"

Important new proposition pubished by Cambridge Economics Network a new organization sponsored by the George Boole Foundation.

The consequences of being a nation of shopkeepers

Options worth considering to solve the cost of living crisis

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Overview of BENECON 2022 by the development economist Nevit Turk of APEurope.

Salient topics will be:
  • why monetary policy instruments are ineffective
  • the impact of financialization and quantiative easing
  • the collapse of QTM
  • central banks & the democratic deficit
  • public choice
  • sustainable economic recovery from the pandemic
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